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Our Local Community

Leading Edge Composites is situated in Port Hadlock, a SBA HUBZone community. Port Hadlock is located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, USA; nestled between sea and sky, with the majestic Olympic Mountains at its back and the waters of Puget Sound gently lapping at its shores. The area is rural in nature, with rich agricultural valleys, woodlands, and a plethora of wildlife.

The local population is diverse, including a substantial retirement community, farmers, fishermen, artists, boat captains, educators, military, and many more. This community contains a rich talent pool of creative people who seem able and willing to interact collaboratively to achieve milestones of progress in many endeavors encompassing quality of life and business projects to name just two.

The public schools are strong, and in fact the local Chimacum High School boasts that the top 25% of its graduating seniors in 2010 were rated in the top 10% of all their peers across Washington State.

Software companies, high tech machine work, metallurgy, art, educational organizations, and boat building are just a few examples of work arenas where local expertise and talent is among the highest anywhere. These qualities make Port Hadlock an ideal place for Leading Edge Composites to exist.

Leading Edge Composites
P.O. Box 428 - Port Hadlock, WA 98339