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Company History

The idea for Leading Edge Composites' original product, Carbinge™, was born in the mid 1990s in conjunction with construction of an experimental airplane. LEC President John Barrett had purchased a kit for an aircraft known as a Lancair IV-P. During construction, he found that there were various improvements that could be made in design and in selection of materials. Among these improvements was the idea for continuous carbon fiber hinges to replace the metal hinges that came with the kit.

After installing and experiencing the advantages of these graphite hinges in his own aircraft, Barrett realized the revolutionary utility in this concept, and reached the conclusion that a wide array of users could benefit from these hinges. In addition to the original application on light aircraft, it was obvious that these carbon graphite hinges are ideal for virtually any continuous hinge needed in boats or other structures including mobile homes, furniture, and cabinets.

In 1998, Barrett and inventor Bill Garrett formed a partnership, and created the corporation that perfected Carbinge™. The product was well received and, and is being used by literally hundreds of experimental aircraft builders in addition to other applications.

The interest and positive feedback from customers through the first decade of the millennium have provided proof that Carbinge™ is a mature product and that it is superior to metal hinges when the application is to join composite structures. The decade starting in 2010 is the period in which the company is taking advantage of the experience gained to enter the commercial aircraft market with Carbinge graphite hinges and associated products. Leading Edge Composites has the capacity to readily grow with demand and is able to ensure quality controls that will keep pace with such expansion. A board of directors is assembled bringing knowledge, business acumen and industry contacts that ensure successful incorporation of these revolutionary products and systems in most if not all composite aircraft of the future.

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