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The mission of Leading Edge Composites is to create hinges and ancillary products that improve the utility, effiiciency, quality and safety of aircraft, boats, autos, containers and other objects... » View mission statement

Environmental Responsibility

Leading Edge Composites has a strong commitment to sustainable practices and low environmental impact. We use processes and materials that have very low toxicity qualities at all stages of the process. We have extremely low quantities of byproducts in our manufacturing protocols and what little waste we produce is of very small impact on the environment.

By replacing material and installation process needed for metal hinges, we believe our products go a long way to helping to make the future of our planet a better place. By producing materials and systems that will result in lighter, stronger vehicles, we are contributing to higher economy in transportation and other industries where fuel consumption is one of the world's biggest problems and one that is becoming a greater concern almost every day.

Leading Edge Composites
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