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The mission of Leading Edge Composites is to create hinges and ancillary products that improve the utility, effiiciency, quality and safety of aircraft, boats, autos, containers and other objects... » View mission statement

Product Information

Why Carbon?

For decades, metal has been the standard material in use for continuous hinges – particularly when joining metal to metal. When industry switched from metal to lighter composite technology, hinging systems did not keep pace – until now. Carbinge™ is the new standard in piano hinges with numerous advantages. Here are a few critical reasons why Carbinge™ hinges are a superior choice for today's composite structures: » Read entire article

October 2003 sheer (pull) testing

We performed this test with a .080" steel pin using a 2" wide (effective) piece of Carbinge™. We were pleasantly surprised to find a limit load of » View test results

Zippin™ System of Attachment

Use of the Zippin™  process with Carbinge™ and Carbinge Keepers™ to attach removable parts results in a virtually perfect and invisible junction at the seams of parts to be joined. See how it's done: » Read full "how-to" article

Wingtip Attachment

Using Carbinge™ and Carbinge Keepers™ to attach wingtips with hinges (similar to the process with the cowling) is a great way to save weight, improve appearance, and increase strength. » Read full "how-to" article

Scientific Forum Participation

SAMPE (The Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering) October 18-19, 2011.  Fort Worth, TX

Abstract submitted for presentation » View articlePDF file

Our Guarantee

When installed and used correctly, Carbinge™ is rated to support 3,000# per one-foot length of the hinge material when using a steel pin.  When using other non-metallic pin materials or pins of lower diameter, the rating is reduced to 1,500# per foot. 

Carbinge Keepers™ are guaranteed not to back out (unscrew while in use) and the solder joint is guaranteed not to fail. » View our guarantee

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