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carbon fiber hinges;
the new standard in continuous hinges

When Carbinge™ and Carbinge Keepers™ are used to attach cowling, the application results in a virtually perfect junction at the rear of the cowl.

Using the Zippin™ attachment system to attach wingtips with hinges (similar to the process with the cowling) is a great way to save weight, improve appearance, and increase strength. 

Carbinge™ is rated to support 3,000 pounds per one-foot length of the hinge material. » See test results.

Introducing Carbinge™...
Carbon Fiber Hinge

Why Carbon?

For decades, metal has been the standard material in use for continuous hinges – particularly when joining metal to metal. When industry switched from metal to lighter composite technology, hinging systems did not keep pace – until now. Carbinge™ is the new standard in piano hinges with numerous advantages. Here are a few critical reasons why Carbinge™ hinges are a superior choice for today's composite structures:

  • Strength: the bond between our carbon hinge and glass or carbon components renders the hinge virtually integral to the substrate. It is almost as strong as the components themselves. There are no mechanical joints or rivets to work loose under vibrational or thermal stress loads. This saves weight, assembly time and cost by using fewer components.
  • Durability:as durable as the carbon or fiberglass composite structures they bond with, Carbinge™ will withstand virtually unlimited stress cycles without breaking down. Conversely, metal has a definite life expectancy as a result of cyclical loading.
  • Strength to Weight Ratio: superior strengths are realized, along with weight savings. Smaller sized hinges can be used in tighter spots.
  • Ease of Application: bond Carbinge™ in place with any suitable high peel-strength adhesive and it performs – without threaded inserts or screws. The hinge material can be trimmed easily and cleanly.
  • Coefficient of Expansion: metal expands & contracts at greater rates than composite materials resulting in warping, crazing and cracking of bonds or mechanical attachment systems during thermal cycles. Carbinge™ because it is a composite material has expansion and contraction properties virtually identical to the substrate composite structures, thereby eliminating the negative effects of thermal cycling on the strength of the bond.
  • Corrosion Resistance: carbon will not rust or corrode. The hinge pin can be steel with resistant qualities and other materials can be used for the pin where corrosion is a higher risk or resistance is a higher priority.
  • Esthetics: eliminating rows of rivets and screws makes for a better, lower-profile appearance..
  • Cost Effective: factoring in ease of installation with durability/longevity provides a hinge that will actually cost less than comparable metal hinge systems.

We recommend Carbinge™ hinges for virtually any continuous hinge need in aero and marine applications or other structures including mobile homes, furniture, cabinets, etc. They are ideal for trim tab fasteners, upper/lower cowl attachments, and other similar aircraft applications. In light/ultra-light or other utility performance aircraft, the hinges can be used for almost any application where a continuous hinge is indicated. *

The hinges are rated for 3,000# per lineal foot.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AND GUARANTEE: Use of Carbinge™ is at the purchaser's sole discretion and risk. Leading Edge Technologies makes no warranties, implied or expressed, with regard to the products or their suitability for any particular use except that they are rated to support 3,000 pounds per one-foot length of the hinge material. Carbinge Keepers™ are guaranteed not to back out and the solder joint is guaranteed not to fail. Remedies are restricted solely to repair or replacement of defective material, at manufacturer's discretion.


*Certified airplanes must have field approval from the FAA prior to installation of these hinges.

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