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cowl attach schematic using Zippin™

Schematic of cowl attachment using the Zippin™ attachment system View PDF


A detailed discussion of the cowl attachment procedure (which includes diagrams) is also available.


For decades, metal has been the standard material in use for continuous hinges. When industry switched from metal to lighter composite technology, hinging systems did not keep pace – until now... » Read article

Using the Zippin™ attachment system to attach wingtips with hinges (similar to the process with the cowling) is a great way to save weight, improve appearance, and increase strength. 

Zippin™ Attachment System(patent pending)
How To Install Carbinge™ with Carbinge Keepers™ as a Fastener

  1. Install using appropriate adhesive and clecos or other clamps as desired. We recommend a high peel strength aerospace grade Hysol product or other industrial adhesive with similar peel strengths over epoxy. Be sure to avoid getting adhesive in the hinge joint itself. Careful use of acetone or alcohol can be used to clean up excess.
  2. We recommend that you finish with one strong rivet or nut and bolt fastener at either end of the hinge to minimize risk of peel starting at an end.
  3. The pin should have enough clearance that it will go to place easily with hand pressure. DO NOT use a drill to drive in the pin. If the friction generated is sufficient, the hinge and/or its bearing can be damaged. You should taper the end of the pin to a bull nose so it will track the curves in the cowling.
  4. If you are unable to fit the pin due to excessive friction, please email or call. We have undersized pins we can exchange with you in the rare instance the pin is too tight.
  5. For more information, read our detailed discussion of the procedure for attaching cowling with Carbinge™ (which includes diagrams). If you still have problems or questions feel free to call or email for help.

View An Example

Following is an example of a Carbinge™ application as a cowl fastener on a Lancair IV. Photos were taken after several hundred hours of flight time. Photos courtesy Art Bertolina.

photo of Lancair IV cowling

Notice the lack of screws or other detractors anywhere to spoil the beautiful curves and paint.   » View larger photo.

photo of Lancair IV cowling

There is one small hole where the pin goes through the Carbinge Keeper across the back of the top cowl.   » View larger photo.

photo of Lancair IV cowling

This application results in a virtually perfect junction at the rear of the cowl.   » View larger photo.

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  • CowlingAttach2
  • CowlingAttach3

See How It's Done

Download the Cowl Schematic to see how it's done. The Free Acrobat Reader is required to read the Cowl Schematic. If you need a copy, download Reader from Adobe.

Also read our detailed discussion for attaching cowling with Carbinge™.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER AND GUARANTEE: Use of Carbinge™ is at the purchaser's sole discretion and risk. Leading Edge Technologies makes no warranties, implied or expressed, with regard to the products or their suitability for any particular use except that they are rated to support 3,000 pounds per one-foot length of the hinge material. Carbinge Keepers™ are guaranteed not to back out and the solder joint is guaranteed not to fail. Remedies are restricted solely to repair or replacement of defective material, at manufacturer's discretion.

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