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The mission of Leading Edge Composites is to create hinges and ancillary products that improve the utility, effiiciency, quality and safety of aircraft, boats, autos, containers and other objects... » View mission statement

Why Carbinge™?

For decades, metal has been the standard material in use for continuous hinges. When industry switched from metal to lighter composite technology, hinging systems did not keep pace – until now... » Read article


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Carbinge™ is a continuous hinge made of woven carbon fiber in cured resin, which has been developed by Leading Edge Composites, and is currently in use on literally hundreds of light aircraft. Carbinge™ is the new standard in piano hinges with unique advantages such as strength and strength to weight ratio, durability, ease of application, corrosion resistance, esthetics, and » Read more

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Carbinge Keepers™ are the perfect partner for Carbinge™ or any other piano hinge used for attaching cowlings or wingtips. Each set consists of a female threaded button beautifully machined of stainless steel and a #10/32 internal hex set screw fitted to make a professional finish to your project. » Read more

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Hysol E 120 HP aircraft grade adhesive. Offered in 50 ml cartridges with 2:1 ratio of base to catalyst. This is enough material to bond several Carbinge™ applications.

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Cartridge dispenser - comes with 1:1 and 2:1 ratio plungers.

Mixing Tips for Adhesives

Mixing Tips designed to allow dispensing a controlled strip of mixed material directly to the bond surface and thus reduce waste and risk of getting adhesive into working parts of the hinge.

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