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The mission of Leading Edge Composites is to create hinges and ancillary products that improve the utility, effiiciency, quality and safety of aircraft, boats, autos, containers and other objects... » View mission statement

How To Purchase

Order Carbinge™, Carbinge Keepers™, and other Leading Edge Composites products by email at jbarrett@carbinge.com. Please include your name, company, shipping address, phone number and items desired.

We will respond with a quote and instructions on how to complete your purchase.

If you have questions feel free to contact us at 360.301.1066 or use our contact form to send an email.

Leading Edge Composites Parts List**

Part # Name Price
H-C1† Carbinge 4 foot $185.00
H-G1† Glassinge 4 foot $175.00
CK - 80* Carbinge Keeper Std .080" OD $35.00
CK - 75* Carbinge Keeper Narrow .075" OD $35.00
CK-T Extractor Tool $5.00
H-P80 Steel Pin .080" OD $4.00
H-P75 Narrow Steel Pin .075" OD $4.00
H-PSS Stainless Steel Pin .080" OD $7.00
H-PC Graphite Rod Pin "080" OD $18.00
P-TH80 Pin With Screw .080" OD $23.00
P-TH75 Pin With Screw .075" OD $23.00
ADH 120 50ml Adhesive Cartridge Loctite $23.00
ADH 9360 50ml Adhesive Cartridge Hysol
DISP Adhesive Dispenser $46.00
MT Mixing Tips $1.50

* Includes:

a. Steel pin with threaded screw silvered soldered to end


b. Ferrule with female threads


c. Allen wrench


d. Extractor

†Assembled with H-P80 Steel Pin (included in price)

Prices include shipping and handling (Continental US only)

** All prices subject to change without notice

Leading Edge Composites
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